IIf it has always been your wish to Sing on the Stage and not just in shower you have come to the right place . Whether you are a beginner or advanced singer come on an adventure with me and with my
guidance and support I can help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

‘Singing Is An Adventure’ is founded by Genevieve Arnold, a professional and private music teacher in London with long time experience of vocal teaching, speech level singing method (SLS), stage performing, studio recording and songwriting .

Genevieve Arnold aims to see the unique potential whether as a teacher or musical collaborator. She is a creative interpreter with the ability to help widen perspectives to artistic possibilities.

Genevieve teaches individuals and groups/duos, from the very first beginners who have never sung before, to advanced singers looking to expand their repertoire and practising for auditions or industry showcases. If you are preparing for auditions, gigs, tours, or just singing round the house, Genevieve can focus on using your natural voice and keeping your style without straining.