Teaching Methods

barra2I teach the Speech Level Singing method (SLS), focusing on using the natural voice and keeping your style without straining.


Ways in which I can help you
with Vocal Technique:

  • Exercises to help you develop your range
  • Registers – bridging the transition between head voice and chest voice, blending registers
  • How to keep your voice healthy
  • Breathing – how to understand the mechanics of breathing and exercises to further your breathing techniques
  • Intonation
  • Remedying bad technique   
  • Innovative approach to improvising
  • Teaching how to make the song your own
  • Utilising my acting skills, I can provide dramatic training (such as help with diction, posture and projection), to complement musical ability


I teach individuals and groups/duos, from the very first beginners who have never sung before, to advanced singers looking to expand their repertoire and practising for auditions or industry showcases.

I can guide students according to ability and voice, but I’m equally happy to coach students who want to learn a specific song.

If you have sung previously and had a break from singing, but want to get back into shape, I can help!

I can provide the accompaniment in my classes, or we can use backing tracks. I also provide a microphone.

I specialise in making students feel at ease, knowing how terrifying your first lesson can be! There’ll always be a cup of tea on stand-by!

Any age group is welcome!