“I saw Genevieve as a singing teacher on and off over a years or so to help with my technique and confidence. We worked across a number of musical styles including musicals, folk, jazz and pop. She helped enormously by providing a wide range of techniques with exercises on the piano, warm up lessons, phrasing  and breathing techniques. I picked up some piano tips along the way too. Above all, I improved my singing and had a really enjoyable time – it helped me enormously in my solo and choral work and my self-confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Genevieve as a teacher.”
Craig Cockburn, student

I began seeing Genevieve back in 2010 when I moved to London. Previously I was taught by a former opera singer where the focus was on power and projection. Genevieve has helped soften my voice, smoothening my head & chest range whilst making the joy of singing more “effortless” – after only a few months I saw improvements, being able to tackle songs and notes I didn’t previously think I could sing. She is very open to discussing song ideas and musical direction, and is very good at explaining how to approach exercises in order to progress. Lessons are always a pleasure, I’m always looking forward to the next!